Why an Employee Choice Award?

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Considering that objective of the award is to attract and retain talent, the best judge is employee themselves. Most of the awards in the market are a combination of employee opinion represented by a very small sample size and audit of HR processes which makes it a very subjective and calls for judgement by the award giving organisation or a jury that they bring together. However, even with the audit process can lead to a certification of great processes, but they may or may not lead to great employee experience or engagement due to element of subjectivity of the auditors and internal / external jury as this process presupposes that the auditors and/or jury knows the employee experience better than the employees.


Therefore, ideally the employees should themselves decide what their experience is and if the HR processes are delivering on these experiences.

Moreover, managers and leaders impact the engagement and experience more than the HR processes which is neglected in most of the other awards in the market. This leads to companies focusing on improving their HR processes rather than their managers and leaders, which may still not engage employees and impact business results. Hence, the other awards in the market are redundant rather than effective in helping predict business results and improve employee engagement.


It is therefore better that we measure the outcome of the processes than the input of the processes. And the outcome is best measured by what the employee has to say. Hence, we are proposing a “Employee Choice Award” based on coverage of 100% employees and their quantitative feedback with no subjective elements or judgement by any individuals.

Table below showcases why our ‘Employee Choice Award’ can help you better predict business results, improve employee engagement and attract and retain talents in comparison to the other awards in the market.


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Employee choice
Important of HR process audit
Subjective judgement
Input / Outcome based

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