What is an Employee Choice Award?

“Employee Choice Award” is based on coverage of 100% employees and their quantitative feedback with no subjective elements or judgement by any individuals.

Award Categories

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Company Awards based on highest engagement %

  1. Company size category subject to minimum no. of participants in each category
    • Small: 200 – 1000
    • Medium: 1001 – 5000
    • Large: 5001 – 20,000
    • Mega: 20,001+
  2. Industry category: subject to minimum no. of participants in each industry

Special Awards

  1. Best Employee Choice Award for Wellbeing based on highest Wellbeing Index.
  2. Best Employee Choice Award for WFH based on highest WFH Index.
  3. Best Employee Choice Award for HR based on highest HR Index
  4. Best Employee Choice Award for Diversity & Inclusion:
    1. Should have certain % of woman
    2. Woman engagement should be highest
  5. Employee of Choice with best manager: Manager index highest
  6. Employee of choice with best leaders: Leader Index Highest

Individual Awards

  1. Best Peoples CEO Award based on leader with highest Leader Index
  2. Best Peoples CHRO Award based on CHRO with highest HR Index
  3. Best Peoples Manager Award based on manager with highest Manager index

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